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If you think too much about yourself...

If you think too much about yourself, you

  • Make yourself unhappy.

  • Fuels worry and anxiety

  • Feel cut off from others.

  • Feel apart from who and what matters.

  • Will think less about others the more you think about yourself.

  • Compare yourself with others – either worse off or superior to others.

  • Live in unfulfilled fantasies.

  • Keep facing disappointments with others.

  • Feel cut off from closeness with others.

  • Will not be able to handle others.

  • Will set up boundaries to keep out difficult people.

  • Feel something is missing in your life.

  • Will not find wholeness.

  • Will not find true fulfilment through dependency on self-interest, self-help and self-compassion.

Wise thought arises through being grounded in the present.

Wise thought reveals an absence of problematic states of mind. 

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