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Action considers the motives, the action, itself, the relationship to the result.

Mindfulness and reflection support wise action.

Action expresses itself in the movement of the heart/mind, speech/writing and body (movement/behaviour).

The freedom to act with wisdom reveals an integrated and liberated human being.

Radical Action for Climate Change

Political actions to resolve climate crisis

20 Conditions for Stress

What conditions apply to you or others?

What are the necessary steps for change?

Questions on Work and Career

Reflections on Work and Career

Ten Questions on Causation

Ten Questions on Causation

for Reflection and Meditation

to support Wise Action

Causes of Climate Change

A list of specific causes to produce climate change

Don't Hold Back

A poem

How Long

will I Live?

A Poem

Relationship to Work

Our work, indoors or outdoors, at home, the office or factory, requires an awareness of our relationship to the work.

Points for Peace of Mind

A range of practices and themes for calm, energy

and well-being

An Appeal for Reconciliation

Guidelines for Reconciliation to take place

Work and

Right livelihood

Work NOT in accordance
with Right Livelihood 

Different Kinds

of Action

Different kinds of action

Duties of Government

Reflection on the Duties of Government: to give support to
people, animals and the environment

Four Kinds

of Action

Questions on actions to ask yourself or another

Ways towards Action

Ways in which action in the outer can happen

Vows for Noble Warriors

Vows for those who dedicate their efforts to end suffering

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