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Duties of the Government

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To give support to people, animals and the environment.

1. From poverty comes an increase in theft.
2. From the increase in theft comes an increase in violence
3. From the increase in violence comes an increase in weapons
4. From the increase in weapons comes an increase in the taking of life.

1. To end poverty
2. To offer safety and protection for citizens
3. To provide safe land, water and air for people and animals
4. To provide necessities of healthy food, clothing and home
5. To provide conventional and complementary medicine
6. To ensure harmony of taxation
7. To develop an army and factories for constructive use, not destructive
8. To provide an education that addresses needs of people, animals and
the environment
9. To provide assemblies for citizens of social, national and global issues
10. To ensure a minimum a minimum wage and maximum of 20 times
more than minimum wage for CEOs.

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