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Work not in Accordance with Right Livelihood

  • Advertising to promote products/services that encourage addiction, stress and debts

  • Dealing in harmful or illegal drugs

  • Destruction of rain forests and vulnerable environments

  • Destruction of species on the land, in the air and in the water

  • Employment by the tobacco industry

  • Engagement in the research, production and manufacture of weapons

  • Excessive charges for services and goods

  • Exploitation of the poor, young, sick, elderly and vulnerable

  • Exploitation of workers – health, safety, hours of work and income

  • Huge salaries and bonuses at expense of low paid workers

  • Laboratory experiments on animals

  • Private and corporate avoidance of payment of taxes that could go to benefit the poor

  • Promotion of pornography

  • Pursuit of career and self- gain at the expense of others

  • The production of poisons

  • Work in abattoirs

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