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Thirty Critiques

Politics. Capitalism.

Business. Science. Medicine...

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You will find here a list of critiques regarding some of our institutions, including democracy, politics, corporations, banks, the pharmaceutical industry, food industry, media, religion and spirituality.

These powerful institutions exercise an immense influence over our daily lives.
We have to bring ethics to their attention, not just obeying or being the legal system.

A Proposal for a Ministry of Peace in the UK
Brexit or EU – The real Issue is not leave or remain
The Shadows of digital Technology and the real World. An Essay for a Competition.
The People of Israel are also under Occupation. A Talk to Palestinians.
We need to criticise openly our Government and other Governments that perpetuate suffering.
Three Pollutions in the Global Mind.
Part Two. Violence.
The Myth of Freedom in the USA
Science based Medicine? Evidence based Medicine? We swallow a very conditional based medicine.
70 Corruptions of Capitalism.
Do we live under Corporate Rule?
Does Medicine damage your Health?
Part 2 of 2
Like religious followers, Scientists are Believers too. They believe in Science, but Science also has a contracted view of Life.
Do Corporations have any
real Commitment to Ethics?
The Issue is not only corporate salaries
and bonuses – but obesity of mind
What’s wrong with capitalism?
A lot. A hell of a lot.
70 Years this Week. A Country for Israelis. A catastrophe for Palestinians. The Key is reconciliation.
The Failure of the Left.
Protest as a Form of Healing
Is Australia one of the least populated countries on earth? Does it uphold a brutal immigration policy?
Three Pollutions in the Global Mind.
Part One. Greed.
Three Pollutions in the Global Mind.
Part Three. Delusion
Arms Dealers are like Drug Dealers.
They must be stopped.
Is the pharmasickical – oops – pharmaceutical Industry slowly killing us?
The Sickness of Capitalism
Does Medicine damage your Health?
Part 1 of 2
Our Brains, Bodies, Organs and Teeth were never evolved to endure such abuse from lifestyle and ongoing medical drugs.
The Privatisation of Spirituality.
Genetically modified Practice for Business.
The Food Industry makes War on our Bodies. We live in the Killing Fields of Sugar.
Are Amazon, Apple, Google, Starbucks and Vodafone etc corporate Parasites?
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