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Walking with Others in Nature

  • We walk silently.

  • We walk besides each other or in single file.

  • We walk respectfully, step by step, on the Earth.

  • We walk along the tracks, across the fields and through the forests.

  • We develop an intimacy and love for the natural world.

  • We spend our hours and days under the blue sky and the clouds.

  • We spend our hours and days under the night sky and under the stars.

  • We walk in the heat, the rain, the wind and the cold.

  • We walk to reflect, to establish a proper perspective.

  • We walk mindfully with loving kindness.

  • We walk with friendship for all creatures – without exception.

  • We walk to heal ourselves and others from the pain of conflict and suffering.

  • We walk to overcome our fears and develop inner strength.

  • We walk to cultivate a deep empathy for others.

  • We establish times to listen to each other.

  • We are willing to speak from the heart.

  • We meditate in silence.

  • We reflect together.

  • We share our experiences after the walk.

  • We laugh together.

  • We inquire together.

  • We experience the freedom of life.

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