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The Common Mindset of the Authoritarian Type

  1. The upper levels and the deeper levels co-exist in conflict with each other. The upper region rejects the deeper region as much it rejects the sensitivities of others.

  2. The authoritarian type has an acute need for recognition, respect and personal acknowledgement.

  3. The upper region of the authoritarian type is controlling, dominating, overbearing, intolerant of dissent and unable to listen.

  4. The authoritarian type believes s/he or she knows what is best for others without consulting them or only shows a superficial curiosity about their wishes or needs.

  5. Such a person expresses a dismissive attitude, insensitivity, rudeness, harshness of voice, interruption of others and rejects different opinions.

  6. The authoritarian cannot tolerate dissent. He or she does not see you as an equal.

  7. Those under the influence of the authoritarian personality find themselves resentful, talking behind the back of the authoritarian type, avoiding contact, fearful of their outbursts or patronising comments.

  8. Those who endure the authoritarian type feel oppressed, abused, mistreated, misunderstood, irritable and indifferent.

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