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This section provides reminders for our daily practice from gardening to formal meditation.


We need time for stillness, silence, the nature and a variety of mindfulness/meditation practices to renew focus and energy.

It is useful to commit to memory some of the reminders to ensure an integrated inner and outer life.

Mindfulness of Breathing

Introduction to Mindfulness of Breathing



Practices which contribute to mindfulness, stress reduction and insight

Seven Reflections on Sexuality

Our relationship to sexuality, whether we are in a relationship or not, deserves reflection.

In the Aftermath of a Trauma

A trauma is a deeply distressing experience. 16 common emotions

Breath through Difficult Situations

To clear and calm the mind when experiencing difficulties 

The Postures

Introduction to different meditation postures - sitting, walking, reclining and eating

Meditation for our Hands

Five-minute meditation on experience of the hands

16 ways to deal with Trauma

Practical applications to dissolve impact of trauma.

The Value of Exercise

Reflections on the importance of exercise

Mindfulness for Stretching Exercises

Exercises loosen up the body, open the cells, cultivate greater flexibility and strengthen muscles.

 Aspects for Reflection in our Daily Lives

Points to remember throughout the day

Practice with Feelings and Emotions

List of practices to handle feelings and emotions wisely

Eight Causes

for Stress

List of experience which cause stress in our lives

Worldly and Spiritual Feelings

Worldly feelings refer to refer to everyday task.

Spiritual feelings refer to depth of experiences

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