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Radical Action to Stop Global Warming. 

Massive outpouring of carbon dioxide causes climate change, especially due to fossil fuels for consumerism and destruction of rainforests for logging, beef and palm oil for addictive processed food.

In Alphabetical Order:

  1. Develop a new educational system, which gives priority to supporting life on Earth.

  2. Develop diversity in crops and support diversity of species

  3. Develop ethics of conservation rather than consumerism.

  4. Dramatic cuts in use of fossil fuels. Coal contains more carbon than any other fuel.

  5. End exploitation of workers and environments

  6. End holiday and indulgent business flights, cruise liners and wasteful luxuries

  7. End petrol/diesel transport and change to electric vehicles

  8. End wars and production of armaments

  9. Apply energy conservation measures, day and night, at home, streets, factories and offices.

  10. Develop inner change, spiritual values, creative imagination and wise application of religion.

  11. Insulation of buildings, factories and homes

  12. Expand organic farming and end chemical fertilisers, pesticides and GM crops

  13. Public transport to expand and private transport to be reduced.

  14. Redistribution of wealth to support poor and reduce carbon footprint of the rich.

  15. Stop destruction of rainforests used for farm animals and single crops

  16. Switch to recycling as a primary form of right livelihood

  17. Switch to vegan diet and away consumption of animals, milk, fat, sugar and salt.

  18. Switch to wind turbine, solar panels, wave and tidal energy

  19. Training young women to make decisions about pregnancy to curb population explosion.

  20. Campaign to end multi-nationals and capitalism, the most destructive ideological ever system devised.

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