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Inquiry into Addictions

  1. Addictions make a mockery of a personal choice to let go of an addiction. Addictions easily lead to self-deception and false intentions to others.

  2. Examine the necessary steps to let go of an addiction.

  3. Ending addiction may invite suffering in the period of transition.

  4. Remember daily the importance of motivation.

  5. Steps to change confirm motivation.

  6. Reflect and share the motivations.

  7. Is there a person or group to support your motivation?

  8. What else will support the motivation?

  9. Do you know somebody willing to go through the difficult periods with you?

  10. What resources are available to support this time to break free from addiction?

  11. What specific support can you give to others trying to break free from an addiction?

  12. Outline the daily path to freedom from addiction.

  13. See fears and doubts as old and irrelevant states of mind.

  14. Wise counsel often takes priority.

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