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Different kinds of action

A person engages in:

  • action that is dark and the result is dark.

  • bright and the result is bright.

  • Dark and bright so the result is dark and bright.

  • bright but the result is dark.


Actions of body, speech and mind:

  • One engages in harmful (dark) actions which brings more suffering (a dark result)

  • One engages in bright (non-harmful) actions which bring happiness (a bright result)

  • One engages in dark and bright actions (self-importance and service) which bring more of the same result

  • A bright action for expansion but the result is a collapse.


Medical Example of types of Action

  • A bright doctor operates, and the patient gets better (bright and bright)

  • An incompetent doctor operates and the patient dies (dark and dark)

  • A doctor operates with a mixture of bright and dark; the patient gets a mixed result (dark and bright outcome)

  • A wise doctor operates (acts) with wisdom and compassion. S/he is not identified with a bright or dark outlook nor dependent on simplistic cause-effect thinking.

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