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Points to Remember for

Peace of Mind,

Clarity and Insight


  1. Stay committed to a organic plant-based diet for health, peace of mind and for environment

  2. Speak or write what is true and useful. Abuse, lies and exploitation destroy peace of mind

  3. Listen to music with total attention. Upright posture. For relaxation, calm and clarity

  4. Bring additional oxygen into the body daily to nourish the cells, especially the brain cells.

  5. Expand out the body through different movements, such as yoga, Taiichi and more.

  6. Walk in silence in nature fully receptive to sights, sounds and temperature

  7. Sit tall, walk tall, stand tall so energy can flow easily through the being.

  8. Guard against addiction to mobile phone. Keep use down to minutes per day rather than mindless scrolling that dulls the mind generating alienation from life around.

  9. Read. Poetry, texts with depth, novels with insight.

  10. Reflect on spiritual matters. Sit quietly in a church or park bench.

  11. Remember to breathe through anxiety, distorted stories and reactivity

  12. Remember to live one day at a time with a purposeful vision for an engaged life

  13. Keep a diary of what you have learnt or are learning from your experience

  14. Stay close to the Earth. Garden, The aesthetics of lawn and flowers or an allotment

  15. Remember to dance.

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