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A Philosophy / Religion for the 3rd Millenium

In Alphabetical Order:

  1. Commitment to Right Livelihood, through empathy with others, animals and environment, rather than pursuit of a career out of self-interest.

  2. Convert factories from destructive use, such as to make weapons, to constructive use

  3. Cultivate collective friendship, community and cooperation.

  4. Develop a vision of a sustainable world through respect for all species and protection of land, water and air.

  5. Develop awareness and insights to end suffering to bring peace of mind, for the benefit of one and the many.

  6. Develop constructive engagement.

  7. Develop facilitation processes to resolve conflict whether personal, social or international.

  8. Develop mindfulness and reflection about lifestyle, diet and worthwhile commitments.

  9. Develop networks of wisdom. Take power away from centralised authority.

  10. End the mind-set of ‘us and them’ and see what is in common.

  11. Explore ancient/contemporary spiritual/religious traditions.

  12. Explore causes and conditions for suffering and end those causes.

  13. Love much and want little.

  14. Prioritise wisdom over knowledge, compassion over cleverness, humility over arrogance

  15. Realise the web of inter-connection with all forms of life.

  16. Protect bio-diversity and develop a holistic view rather than a reductionist view.

  17. Replace competition with co-operation.

  18. Develop sharing of knowledge and goods and skilful use of resources instead of exploitation.

  19. Use education to develop the heart, mind, body, spirituality, the arts and co-operation with others

  20. Remember to reflect on what we are doing with our free and precious life.

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