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Ethics embraces four primary areas. Not to cause suffering. To find ways to reduce/end suffering. To concentrate on what serves the deep interests of people, animals and the environment.

A commitment to knowing the truth of a situation, which gives insights and liberates from the misleading.

Five Ethics

The dedicated application of ethics serves as a foundation for a sane society.

What is Practice?

Reflections on Practice

What is Suffering?

A range of meanings

18 harmful influences

We know the benefits of  the phone. We need to be clear about the harmful impact.

I Vow To...

Vows to follow and respect

Money and Wealth

In terms of the personal, social and political, we need to focus on our relationship to desire, money and wealth.

Ten Ways to Give

Be  mindful of the ego and tendencies in the act of giving.

Ways to stop addiction

Here is a list of inter-connected ways for a healthy relationship with the phone.

What to Eat?

Reflections on a healthy, compassionate and sustainable diet

Philosophy for the 3rd Millenium

Aspects of a new philosophy / religion

Making Things Last

Towards the conservation of goods, resources and energy

Machinery of Consumerism

Corporations and governments use electronic tools to influence our lives.

Limits of Study

Reflections on the limits of study.


of the Heart

A poem

Business Transformation

A path to business transformation

Artificial Intelligence

AI gathers information, interprets the data and makes major decisions affecting our lives.

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