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What is Suffering?

Suffering covers a range of meanings including:

  1. Abuse, addictions, anger, anxiety, blame, burn-out, despair, distress, fear, hardship, loneliness, pain, pressure, and stress.

  2. Conflict, confrontation, corruption, demands, disputes, hostility, intolerance, prejudice, rows, tension, violence and war.

  3. Homophobia, racism, Islamophobia, anti-Semitism etc.

  4. All kinds of distortions in perception harming people, animals and the environment.

  5. Thoughts and acts of self-harm, self-hate and lack of self-worth.

  6. Clinging and holding onto what we have. Neediness. Making demands.

  7. Fear of losing what we have.

  8. Being separated from who or what we hold onto.

  9. Inflaming contact with body, feelings, perceptions, formations of the mind and consciousness.

  10. Unable to stay steady with rejection, failure, separation, loss, blame, sickness and physical pain

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