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18 harmful Influences

There are around six billion mobile phones (cell phones) in the world.

More than 90 per cent of adults, including teenagers in the prosperous world, have a mobile phone.

Average time per day on the phone ranges from two to three hours. Millions upon millions spend more than three hours per day on their phone.

What is the impact?

  1. Major accidents can occur through use of mobile phone in a vehicle. There are more accidents through use of mobile phones by drivers than drink driving.

  2. Accidents occur using mobile phone walking on the street or crossing the road.

  3. Children and teenagers using mobile phones remain vulnerable to harmful influences because their cells and brain have not fully formed. The cells are softer and more easily subjected to harmful influences from their mobile phone.

  4. Holding the phone daily next to the ear, especially frequently and for longer conversations contributes to stress, headaches and sleep disorder.

  5. If you carry your mobile in your clothing, the ongoing signals will impact on the nervous system in the long term.

  6. Constant use of mobile phones for calls, sending and receiving text messages/images, reduces power of attention. There is a reduction in the ability to sustain focus and interest on important tasks and creative endeavours.

  7. Regular interruption of calls, while engaged in a one to one with another person, indoors or outdoors, interrupts or cuts off any depth of meaningful communication. Such interruptions generates irritation or agitation.

  8. Persistent use of mobile phones affect the nervous system.

  9. Persistent use of the phone for communication reduces capacity to respond to the full presence of another, ability to empathise with another or handle a dispute with another.

  10. Frequent use of the mobile is an addiction. An addiction creates a distance from living in the real world of people, nature, presence of life around, movement and vitality. It is a zombie existence trapped in dependency on the phone.

  11. Incoming/outgoing signals from the phone, plus the chemistry of the phone, can impact on pregnant women and the foetus/baby in the womb and men’s reproductive system.

  12. Regular use of mobile phone games contributes to impatience, irritability and agitation, which transfers into circumstances outside of the game.

  13. Holding phone next to ear contributes to ear strain, back pain and pain through arching of neck.

  14. Reading texts/messages in poor light contribute to eye strain.

  15. Be clear about the overall harm of mobile phones.

  16. Scientists warn of the potential for cancer, including brain cancer, in later life for adults and children due to subtle but persistent exposure to radiation emissions from the phone. Genetic vulnerability, chemicals/pesticides to grow food, air pollution, chemicals in clothing, electrical appliances, fequent daily medication, neglect of exercise, lack of oxygen reaching cells, heart and mind issues, plus mobile phone output can act as conditions for cancer. On in every 2/3 people will suffer with cancer.

  17. Let phone manufacturers and political representatives know of your concerns of the risk to health.

  18. Take great care with 5G. Risk level may well increase significantly with this powerful new cellar network.


Do not risk your peace of mind, your health and well-being due to addiction to the mobile phone.

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