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We may meet angry, aggressive and abusive individuals on a daily base.

The authoritarian type reveals himself or herself in the private and public sector, such as governments, businesses, schools, sects, home and in social life.

Such people find satisfaction in making life difficult for others.


  1. Abusive words and behaviour deserves a calm, clear and considered response.

  2. Authoritarians share a similar psychological posture.

  3. The unexamined inner lives of an authoritarian parent/teacher/boss/political master, guru and cult leaders and others oppress people.

  4. The oppressed include family members, students/employees, devotees, citizens and more.

  5. You cannot meet blind force with blind force.

  6. Keeping a low profile is not an option.

  7. Find a calm and precise language to speak to such a person.

  8. Show you are not afraid to speak candidly with the person.

  9. Show you are not afraid to reflect to the authoritarian the exacts words he or she used,

  10. Quote the domineering personality.

  11. Do the words and attitude reveal a dominating, intolerant mindset?

  12. Discuss the matter openly with colleagues.

  13. See if the collective can work together to find strength in the face of adversary.

  14. Explore every reaction of him or her.

  15. Explore ways to speak and act calmly and clearly.

  16. Stay true to your values and concerns.

  17. Saying nothing is not a choice.

  18. You speak up. You take risks.

  19. Empowerment and integrity matters.

  20. Some experience rejection or persecution as a result.

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