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Ways for Businesses, Organisations, Councils
and Governments to Reduce Carbon Footprint

In Alphabetical order

  1. Be creative and co-operate to reduce carbon footprint. Give priority to such change.

  2. Change from use of fossil fuels (coal, oil etc) to renewable energy (sun, wind, water).

  3. Detailed examination of areas for conservation of energy in factories, farms and transportation.

  4. Dramatic reduction of business travel. Use conference calls.

  5. Dramatic reduction of overproduction of goods.

  6. Ensure safe disposal of waste.

  7. Minimal use of plastic in every area including cutlery, cups, cutlery and straws.

  8. Minimise general waste.

  9. Name and apply areas for further reduction of carbon footprint

  10. Reduce use of paper and printers.

  11. Regular meetings to measure ongoing reduction in carbon footprint

  12. Stop serving junk food and drink and provide locally grown, organic food.

  13. Use minimal temperature controls.

  14. Use recycled paper.

  15. Use sensors to switch off lighting in offices and factories, day and night.

  16. Work with other businesses employing energy renewable resources.

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