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Vows for noble Warriors

I vow to observe and respect the following:

 1. I vow to dissociate myself from all destruction of life including actions, acts of terrorism, initiated by the State, the political organisation or individuals.

 2.  I vow not to attack or abuse other groups of people (nations, majorities, minorities etc.)

 3.  I vow to give support to organisations and groups working for peace, justice, political, economic and environmental rights.

 4.  I vow to work to end suffering perpetuated through violence, fear, corruption or greed.

 5.  I endeavour to persuade the military and those who employ arms and explosives to kill the hate inside of themselves.

 6. I vow to see deeper than the labels attached to people and regard seeing others as a label to be a pathology of prejudice.

 7. I vow to be aware of the common humanity of people instead of dehumanising the lives of a collective or individuals.

 8.  I vow not to support information employed by governments to justify killing and maiming of people.

 9.  I vow to respect political, religious and philosophical values that point to peace, reconciliation, economic and environmental justice.

 10. I vow to work to end justifications within myself for inflicting suffering. I regard this as an expression of a personal duty to humanity.

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