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The Power of Artificial Intelligence

  • Measures our consumer responses so we buy products

  • Engages in marketing of goods to match our current and recent shopping experiences

  • Recommends what we need to buy through the profile AI has established

  • Classifies our needs and wants, so we perpetuate them

  • Moulds our attention so that we spend more money

  • Encourages us to eat junk food, consume alcohol, gamble, watch tv and spend, spend,

  • spend.

  • Engages in product placement in publications, radio and television, as well as on our

  • streets

  • Develops the capacity to stimulate our feelings and emotions to submit to

  • consumerism

  • Exploits fears and blame to harness our vote

  • Manipulates the public mind to develop brand loyalty

  • Targets ethnic groups to develop their personal desires

  • Propagates hard work and desire to earn more money in order to have more goods

  • Endorses expensive services, international travel and personal success above all else.

  • Use algorithms, namely a set of detailed instructions, for calculations, data processing and automated reasoning.

  • AI functions at lightning speed.

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