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Changes occurs inwardly and outwardly.

Change reveals itself through whatever arises, stays and passes.

We have the capacity to initiate change. This often needs co-operation with others and the willingness to take steps. Such change requires energy, interest, concern and a certain degree of knowledge.

The importance of making a change may become clear in the decades ahead, not necessarily in our lifetime.

Five Ways for Nourishment

Five ways of nourishment, which mutually support each other. Development of all five contributes to a balanced relationship to needs of heart, mind, body and spirit.

13 Points to Remember for Social Change

Points to remember if you wish to support social change.

What Causes Suffering in Others?

Motivations which cause suffering in others

Carbon footprint

23 areas to reduce carbon footprint at home

If You Think

too much about Yourself...

Points to remember if you think too much about yourself.

Primary Areas of Mindfulness

Mindfulness belongs to a larger body of teachings and practices around ethics, depths of clarity and a liberating wisdom.

Guidelines for Campaigners

Guidelines for Campaigners

Ways for Businesses etc to reduce carbon footprint

A list of important areas for business and governments to make changes

Who is an

Agent of Change?

Characteristics of an agent of change.

Insights from

the Screen

The significance of insights from viewing a screen
only show in your responses afterwards

Inquiry into Addictions

Reflection on habits and addictions

12 Steps



Points to reflect if you wish to make a difference.

Points to Remember for Peace of Mind

We live in conscious way for the support of ourselves, others and life itself



A poem

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