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Business Transformation

  1. Are your values and the values of the company the same or different?

  2. What is your view of the ethics of the company?

  3. Does the company exploit customers, workers, animals or the environment?

  4. Do you feel free to speak openly and honestly about the company?

  5. Do you think there is the need to make changes in the DNA of the company?

  6. Do you worry about what your bosses or colleagues think of you?

  7. What are the external pressures that you experience?

  8. What are the unaddressed shadows in your company’s behaviour?

  9. Is your stress related to the demands of the company upon you?

  10. What changes would you like to see in the company?

  11. What changes would you make to your company?

  12. What do you feel about the people you work with?

  13. What is more important than praise and blame?

  14. What is more important than profit and loss?

  15. What is your relationship with your boss?

  16. What is your relationship to the CEO and the boardroom?

  17. Do the staff have time for each other?

  18. Is there anyone in the company who conduct themselves with dignity and integrity?

  19. Who can you share your concerns with?

  20. Are you bold enough to initiate change?

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