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20 Conditions for Stress

What conditions apply to you or others?

What are the necessary steps for change?

  1. A low sense of self worth

  2. An inflated sense of self worth

  3. An inflated-deflated sense of self-worth.

  4. Blame of another.

  5. Carrying around unresolved issues from the past, present or future.

  6. Desire to get things done.

  7. Fear of not getting things done.

  8. Feeling misunderstood or rejected.

  9. Feelings of helplessness.

  10. Listening to internal voices and external voices.

  11. Listening to neither voices.

  12. Listening to oneself rather than to others.

  13. Listening to expectations or pressure from others rather than oneself.

  14. Living with ‘yes,’ ‘no’ or ‘don’t know.’

  15. Placing expectations onto others, who do not follow through.

  16. Placing unfulfilled expectations upon oneself.

  17. Projecting into a situation.

  18. Resistance to change.

  19. Thinking too much about something.

  20. Waiting for an outcome in the future.

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