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Connection confirms through wise application of attention to the senses –  what we see, hear, smell, taste and touch.

Connection with the past and perceived future offers insights and inspiration to connected deeply with life.

The depth of connection enables love and compassion to flow.

 A Hard Time

Reflections on conversations with someone,  who is experiencing a hard time.

After you Talk

to Another

Reflections to remember after you talk to another to develop an understanding of the communication.

Nine Ways to Answer a Question

You can reply to a question in nine ways. These different responses support communication.

Three Aspects of Mindfulness

Mindfulness in relationship to past, present and future.

Loving Kindness

May all beings know happiness.

May all beings know love.

May all beings support each other.

Religion. Positives and Negatives

IThe following two lists show that religions have more in common - for good or for ill - than we may think.

What Arises, Stays and Passes

All problems in daily life revolve around what arises, stays or passes.

Walking in Nature

Make walking in nature a practice for nourishment and insight in silence and presence.

Spiritual Experience

Spiritual feelings, sensitivities and insights can arise in many situations

Benefits Outside of School

You have skills far outside the range of results of exams. Remember your skills that you developed outside school.

One to One

Reflections on conversations one to one.

Tips for A Parent

Some points relevant for parents anywhere with daily application

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