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What is Practice?

Practice is to free the body of destructive patterns, habits and acts of carelessness.
Practice is to free the mind from greed, hate and fear.
Practice is to cultivate inner awareness, to discover depths of meditation and to realise psychological and spiritual insights into the nature of things.
Practice is the active work of the individual transforming herself or himself, alone or with others.
Practice includes equally the social, religious and political features of existence. We influence the world in the course of practice with the willingness to challenge abuse of power.
Practice includes working with various challenges so that all experiences and situations belong to practice. At times, struggle is an essential factor for practice.
Theory without practice is irresponsible. Practice without reason is blind. The route of practice is awareness, experience and application.
Practice is the starting point for insight and awakening. In practice, awakened knowledge manifests as purposeful activity for the welfare of all.

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