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Five-Minute Meditation on Experience of the Hands

We use our hands to express our state of mind. We can employ our hands to express love in various ways, creativity and calmness. We can also use the hands to express greed, anger and confusion. Mindful practice of this part of the body can transform the inner life.


  • Place your hands in your lap, with the two thumbs touching each other

  • Make sure your back is straight and that you are sitting comfortably

  • Relax into this position. Gently hold this position for five minutes

  • Keep the body as calm as possible

  • Direct your mindfulness to the sensations in your hands

  • Notice whether they are tense or relaxed, warm or cool, dry or moist

  • Practise this technique daily in any suitable environment

  • Be mindful of any movement in your hands due to a state of mind.

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