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Eight Limits of Study

  1. Your grades primarily concern the remembrance and interpretation of knowledge.

  2. Your skills and interests may have more influence upon your working life than your exams.

  3. You might get a bucket load of top marks and spend years in the top university in the country and get a top Phd. You now have letters before and after your name. After all that, you know you want to do something else with your life.

  4. You may quit school before school exams in our teens. You never went to college or university and have experienced a happy, intelligent and adventurous life.

  5. You know high achievers. You feel grateful you did not end up in that category. Stressed out high achievers can find themselves addicted to alcohol, chemical highs, pain killers. They hate their jobs and their personal life is in a mess.

  6. You experience the demands, fears and anger of your parents. You say to yourselves. “I don’t want to end up like that. I do not want to live such an unhappy way of life. I do not want to end up constantly complaining about everybody and everything.” A lot of success in school will not help you there.

  7. You will need to know yourselves, develop inner skills and understand others close to you and far afield.

  8. Don’t overrate your results. There are far more important things in life than getting good grades, social status and a fat income.

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