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Benefits outside of school

You have skills far outside the range of results of exams. Remember your skills that you developed outside school. Remember what you wish to do outside of work.


These considerations might include:


  • A capacity to assemble kits.

  • A keen interest in cooking and running a home.

  • A love of children, animals and the outdoors.

  • A love of working with features of a computer.

  • A Ability to be alone and independent.

  • Ability to repair broken items, fix things door handles to cars.

  • Capacity to support friendships.

  • Contentment with little.

  • Determined to contribute to a sustainable world.

  • Enjoying time outdoors

  • Interest to be self-employed.

  • Join organisations to make the world a better place.

  • Keep any eye open for those in need.

  • Learn to live with calmness and clarity on little income.

  • Love of the city, small town or rural environment.

  • Motivation and energy to start a project, big or small.

  • Skills in sport, martial arts, physical fitness and more.

  • Take one day at a time.

  • Use of hands indoors and outdoors.

  • passion for the arts – music, dance, drama, drawing.

  • A wish to travel and expand your cultural horizons.

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