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Artificial Intelligence

 The Machinery of Consumerism

We, the public, remain under 24/7 surveillance through the growing use of Artificial Intelligence to manipulate people to submit to the machinery of consumerism. AI slowly takes over humans in making decisions that mould the lifestyle of society. AI can exploit and manipulate our weaknesses.

AI and bio engineering takes control over the financial markets, fixing price for goods and creating profit.
AI extrapolates what we have revealed about ourselves on major platforms. These platforms include Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram and so on.


Google bosses travel the world buying up AI in Google’s desire to dominate the world. It is not the only corporation with the same ambition. AI spies on us through surveillance cameras on our streets, shopping malls, from the sky and collects data about us at home through the devices that we use. AI has developed to the point where surveillance cameras can zoom in on us to analyse whatever we do.

Bio engineers engage in the genetic modification of plants, animals and organisms. There is a growing concern that AI and bioengineering slowly moves towards more and more control over the world and its inhabitants. 

Examples of AI

You sign up online to a service. ‘Elsa’ emails you a pleasant welcome message and ask you to confirm your registration. ‘Else’ emails a second time to email to her additional specific information. You complete both tasks. Elsa emails again the same message, and then again. You realise Elsa is not a person but is a form of AI - with no intelligence, a robot, a machine, an automated service masquerading as a human

Example of Data Collecting
Businesses collect data about us through asking for it, through tracking us and through buying data about us from other businesses.

Examples of Surveillance

Amazon Alexa and Google Assistance are electronic smart speakers for home and office, which can answer a range of our questions. We think these speakers only respond to our questions. Such speakers are designed for corporations to record our communications taking place even though the smart speakers are not in use at the time. This enables corporations to store data about our lives.

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