Time and Change

Mindfulness of the Past

Seeing the primary conditions leading up to an experience in the present.

Making the necessary changes in the conditions if there is suffering in the present.

Mindfulness of the Present

Seeing the present. Being mindful of any judgement made about the present. Being mindful of being judgmental about the present. Acknowledging the different perceptions, views and experiences of the present.

Mindfulness of the Future

Seeing that perceptions of the future connect with the actual condition of the present.

Be mindful of views of the future influenced with positive and negative feelings, hopes and fears.

Experiencing a vision in the present that brings about direction into the future.

Our Relationship to

what Arises, Stays and Passes

Problems in daily life revolve around what arises, stays or passes.

There are no issues which do not involve what arises, stays or passes or a combination.

We live with wisdom when we address these three aspects of existence.

We can inquire into or relationship to action.

  • We might be slow to start something

  • We might find it hard to stay with something and progress

  • We might find it hard to bring to completion or handle an end, a loss, a death

  • What has arisen?

  • What stays/persists?

  • What passes?

  • What needs to change in terms of what arises?

  • What needs to change in terms of what persists?

  • What needs to change in terms of what passes?

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