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Making Things last

  1. Towards the conservation of energy and resources

  2. Switch off lights when leaving a room.

  3. Close doors and leave radiators turned off in rooms not used.

  4. Set temperature thermostat to a maximum of 20 degrees.

  5. Wear extra clothes to keep warm, if necessary.

  6. Use clothes washing machine for short cycle with environmentally friendly powder.

  7. Avoid overnight standby for TV, radio and other appliances.

  8. Reduce use of car to a minimal use.

  9. Eat organic grains, fruit and vegetables as much as possible.

  10. Minimise sugar, salt, fat, junk food, alcohol.

  11. Do not use biscuits, sweets and cakes to satisfy hunger.

  12. Minimise use of plastic.

  13. Support local shops, farms and charity shops.

  14. Walk, cycle, use public transport, car pool.

  15. Cut down on flights. Use trains for longer journeys as much as possible.

  16. Minimise use of paper. Use efficient lightbulbs, use less water in shower, sink etc.

  17. Ignore air conditioning in the car and at home.

  18. Increase insulation in the roof and windows.

  19. Recycle paper, cardboard, bottles and tins.

  20. Recycle food peelings etc.

  21. Wear natural materials, such as cotton and wool as much as possible.

  22. Eat plant-based food to protect farm animals from slaughter and separation

  23. Regularly donate to charity.

  24. Use Free Bay and e-Bay for continued use of consumer items.

  25. Invest in ethical funds.

  26. Express on harmful policies of corporations and governments.

  27. Support transition town movements.

  28. Boycott or minimise buying goods from exploitive companies.

  29. Reduce consumption.

  30. Enjoy a non-extravagant lifestyle.

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