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12 Helpful Points for Campaigners

  1. Keep in mind your essential truths revealing wisdom and compassion

  2. Remember to explore constructive engagement and understand the forces of destructive engagement

  3. Remember that all suffer in conflict, physically, emotionally or both, soldiers or civilians, innocent or guilty, babies or the elderly

  4. Remember to keep the spirits up so that empowerment takes priority and not despair

  5. Remember to love others and delight in humour. Remember to celebrate life

  6. Remember media reports of conflict are a version of events. It is the skilful resolution of suffering that matters

  7. Try not to get caught up in any blame, anger, and hate towards those who take an utterly different view

  8. There is far too much negativity in the world already. Don’t sink to their level. Blame is the first step to violence and war or condoning it

  9. Remember that all significant movements for major change started with small groups of thoughtful people meeting together to campaign. Stay committed

  10. We must walk our talk and talk our walk as much as possible in our own lives, with family, friends, community and organisations

  11. Let us develop the power to make change and the profound significance of realising that everybody on earth is inter-connected. Let us see people, not the labels employed to described them

  12. Remember to mindfully breathe in and out under pressure. Don't give others power by being afraid of them.


Keep in regular contact with like-minded people. We give strength to each other.

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