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Crisis. What Crisis?

In alphabetical order:
1. Apathy, selfishness, alienation and feelings of helplessness,
2. Desire to maximise pleasure above all else.
3. Epidemic of cancer, obesity/excessive weight, heart disease and diabetes.
4. Citizens handing control of our lives over to dictatorships, elected or unelected.
5. Collapse of eco-systems and major loss of diversity.
6. Diminishing food and water supplies to feed a global population
7. Dirty and polluted cities with constantly swelling populations in need of work
8. Fossil fuel emissions from mining, factories, land, air and sea transport.
9. Large scale migration due to wars, human made disasters and natural disasters.

10. Loss of 70% of creatures in the space of a generation with more and more loss of habitats due to climate change, human occupation and recreation.
11. Morally bankrupt businesses profiting from providing harmful practices – massive tax avoidance, meat industry, tobacco industry, a daily diet of pills, addiction to
mobile phones and daily life, morning, noon and night, spent in the spell of screens.
12. More and more complete extinction of species. Earth loses species at 1000 to 10,000 times the natural rate for plants, insects, birds and mammals.
13. Obsession with economic growth as resources diminish
14. Ongoing destructions of forests in various climates.
15. Seriously endangered or vulnerable species include the elephant, tiger, rhino, gorilla, leopard, orangutan and polar bear.
16. Plastic polluting our oceans, lakes and river and infecting fish and marine life.
17. Conflict, corruption, crime, family breakdown, inequality, phobias, prejudices, racism, social issues, unemployment, violence.
18. Rapid swings in climate producing heatwaves, freezing temperatures, floods, Tsunamis, droughts and massive fires.
19. Selling of arms. Threat of nuclear war. Ongoing wars.
20. Owing to invasions, bombing and drones: death, loss of limbs/wounds and traumatisation of millions of citizens - including in 14 Muslim countries in the past 20 years.
21. Citizens subjected in the West and elsewhere to murderous acts of terror.
22. Short term vision of influential people in the field of politics, corporations, science and religion
23. Subjugation of the young, from children to university students, to intense pressure to succeed at the expense of their peers and at the cost of their natural happiness.
24. UN food and agriculture organisation announced we have 60 years of harvests left due to ongoing loss of top soil.
25. Widespread public addiction daily to medication for anxiety, depression and pain.

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