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We are people of the Earth.
We are dealing with an ongoing crisis.
The crisis includes 

personal, family, social, political and environmental issues.
We can consume. We can conform.

We can sleep walk through existence







Let us not waste our precious life.



You will find numerous practical application,

reminders, tips, suggestions,
bullet points,  reflections, critiques

and support for you to engage. 
You can make a difference
Do co-operate with others.
Start Today.


Ethics show in a daily commitment to non-violence, non-exploitation and non-abuse. A dedication to deep values, empathy and supportive knowledge confirm ethics.


We explore ways to connect and reconnect with others, who share our concerns, great or small. Through connections, we give support and receive support.


A critique develops an analysis and assessment of an issue. The critic offers a judgement and implies or states the necessity for an alternative view or approach.


We apply change for the welfare of people, animals and the environment. The examination of the issues contributes directly to the necessary steps. We live amidst and change and  make changes.

To Lead

We develop and apply our authority on specific matters. Leadership, facilitation and guidance serve others. We find our voice to question the abuse of authority.


Wise resources consist of methods, strategies and agencies committed to the direct benefit of people, sentient life and the Earth. This link offers a small selection of websites dedicated to meaningful change.


Our intentions, actions and the results or consquences matter. We are known primarily through what we do. Actions reveal in the way we think, what we say and what we do. 


Poems, guided meditations, basic practices for daily life to support an engaged life


This links lists other websites of the author, hub of teachings/practices available of social media, books, teaching schedule and contact information.

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