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How To Use This Website


  • Double Click on any Link at top  of page.

  • You can then view photograph with intro to theme in boxes.

  • Or you can single click for Dropdown Menu.

  • Click on Arrow  (at foot of  theme in boxes) to move to content


  1. Have pen/paper, mobile or computer to write down key themes. Or use memory.

  2. Check out a list or bullet point of a theme of interest to you.

  3. In the list/bullet points, take note of a point in the list that stands out or choose one which has a relevance.

  4. Look through themes elsewhere related to what you chose.

  5. Go through that list and find a useful point.

  6. Repeat process.

  7. You now have three themes written down or memorised.

  8. Write down or remember what is important for you.

  9. Appy attention in the days ahead on these three themes (or one or two, if that is enough).

  10. Repeat them in your mind. Or read aloud.

  11. Start to apply.

Example One

  1. You wake up in the morning mindful of stress in your life.

  2. You see Eight Causes for Stress

  3. You read slowly through the list and choose one or two relevant to you.

  4. Perhaps the stress relates to work. You look at Relationship to Work

  5. Perhaps you experience demands from your boss You look at lists/ bullet points and

  6. You see Facing the Authoritarian. You take a note or two.

  7. You give priority to dealing with stress, work, the boss and reflecting on ways, alone or with others, to find a resolution.

Example Two

  1. You feel concern about the climate crisis.

  2. You want to do something.

  3. You want to know first the causes for the climate crisis.

  4. You got to Causes for Climate Change

  5. Then you look for a related set. Perhaps you go to Ways for Outer Change.

  6. Lack of confidence, self-doubt leads to the transfer authority to others.

  7. You select two or three ways and apply in your daily life to make changes to act.

  8. You attend a meeting with those with shared values.

  9. Take note of points to apply or develop.

  10. You develop empowerment to be an Agent of Change.

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